Why Xtension Envy?


Hair Extension Industry Value

Hair Care Franchise Opportunity

The global hair extension industry value is projected to be $10B by 2023.

First Ever Hair Extension Salon Franchise

Hair Extension Franchise Opportunities

One-stop-shop for installation, coloring, and styling of hair extensions with a membership-based maintenance model.

40% of Women

Best Salon Franchise Opportunities

4 in 10 women regularly wear hair extensions as part of their beauty routine.


The Problem


Hair extensions are expensive to get and maintain.

Clients of all ages want extensions but may not be able to spend $3000 to $5000 to have them installed.

No Dedicated Focus

Very few salons focus on hair extensions as their specialty. They are usually add ons to their traditional menu of services.

No Skill Uniformity

To help ensure client satisfaction and extend the life cycle of the hair extensions, you need trained professionals to perform the installations.

No Guarantees

Most salons and/or stylists do not guarantee the hair quality or the installation.

The Solution

Xtension Envy is 100% focused on hair extensions. Clients pay a fraction of the traditional cost at the time of service.

We offer only the highest quality hair extensions available in the market.

There is ongoing training for all staff to help maintain the highest standards of service.

Xtension Envy offers a guarantee on our hair as long as the customer properly takes care of the extensions.

Maintenance of the hair extensions is included in our monthly memberships.

Our salons are state of the art and our cleaning protocols are second to none.


The Xtension Envy Difference

Xtension Envy - The Hair Extension Salon is a first-of-its-kind franchise model offering one-stop shopping for the installation, coloring, and styling of hair extensions. Coupled with our exclusive game-changing monthly hair extension maintenance program, our concept is disrupting an entire industry that’s long overdue for a shake-up. Gone are the days of having hair extensions installed in one salon and then having to find another to adeptly color, blend, and style the new hair. Our certified stylists are not only experts at installing hair extensions but are equally skilled at providing all of the other services a client might need to get the most from their new investment.

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