Exploring the Xtension Envy Franchise Opportunity: A Complete Guide

In an era where the pursuit of beauty and personal style is more popular than ever, it`s no surprise that the hair extensions market is booming. Hair extensions are currently a $10 billion industry, and nearly 40% of women regularly use them to add volume, length, and versatility to their hairstyles. Amidst this growing demand, Xtension Envy has positioned itself as an industry leader, distinguishing itself with a unique membership model and a singular focus on hair extensions. If you`re an entrepreneur looking to invest in a lucrative and fulfilling business, the Xtension Envy franchise could be the opportunity you`ve been waiting for.

The Xtension Envy Story

Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs Scott and Christine Lewandowski, Xtension Envy first opened its doors in 2018, transforming the conventional salon experience with a unique membership model and a specialty in hair extensions. The Lewandowskis' backgrounds in business ownership, the beauty industry, and commercial real estate have shaped Xtension Envy's business model and franchise support system. The brand franchised in 2021, and by 2022, they reported revenues exceeding $1.4MM, marking a track record of consistent and significant growth.


Xtension Envy is committed to making everyone feel beautiful, sexy, and empowered. They achieve this by supplying the highest quality hair at an incredible value, all in a clean, welcoming space that caters to everyone.

The Xtension Envy Difference

What sets Xtension Envy apart is its singular focus on hair extensions. Unlike traditional salons that treat hair extensions as an add-on to their service menu, Xtension Envy is entirely dedicated to this niche. They are experts in consulting, installing, cutting, coloring, and styling hair extensions, using only the highest quality products available on the market.

Customers pay only a fraction of the traditional cost upfront, and maintenance is included in the monthly membership. This approach makes Xtension Envy not just a service provider, but a trusted beauty partner. All of this gives the brand a unique market position that distinguishes it from traditional salons and beauty businesses.

Benefits of Being an Xtension Envy Franchisee

Becoming an Xtension Envy franchisee is an exciting opportunity for those interested in entering the booming hair extensions industry.

  • Unique Market Positioning: Xtension Envy's distinctive membership model and focus on hair extensions provide a competitive edge.
  • Recurring Revenue: The membership model ensures regular, annuitized income, contributing to financial stability.
  • Strong Support: Franchisees benefit from the founders' extensive experience and receive support in site selection, lease negotiation, and staff training.
  • High Customer Value: With quality-guaranteed hair extensions and expert services, franchisees can delight clients and ensure customer loyalty.
  • Low Overhead: With a small footprint and minimal staffing requirements, the business model a llows for quicker ramp-up and breakeven times.

Joining the Xtension Envy Family

Xtension Envy is looking for franchisees with a passion for beauty, a commitment to excellent customer service, and the ambition to drive their business. To become a franchisee, a minimum net worth of $500,000 and at least $150,000 in liquid assets are required.

Investing in a Xtension Envy franchise will put you at the forefront of the thriving hair extensions industry, backed by a brand that has established a unique and successful niche. It's an opportunity that offers not just financial rewards, but also the satisfaction of empowering clients with confidence and beauty.

To join the Xtension Envy family, reach out to get started on your franchise journey today. If you're ready to make a mark in the beauty industry and help others feel beautiful, sexy, and empowered, then the Xtension Envy franchise opportunity might just be the one for you.