Our Story

In 2017, the founders had purchased and were operating a beauty supply business in Scottsdale, AZ. Among the many products they sold were a variety of different types of hair extensions. Over the next year, they saw how in demand those items were, how profitable they were and the complete lack of any standardization or organization there was in the hair extension space.


In 2018, after doing considerable research, Scott and Christine decided they would take a shot at offering the installation of those hair extensions they were selling to their independent stylist customers. Scott knew that applying a membership model to the maintenance aspect of having hair extensions installed made perfect sense. They launched Xtension Envy with just one shampoo bowl and two stylist chairs out of the beauty supply shop.


By 2020, they stopped operating the beauty supply business and focused 100% of their attention on the hair extensions business. They added additional chairs and staff and implemented the first membership structure the hair extensions industry had ever seen. The volume of clients kept growing month after month. So much so that by the end of the year they had five stylist stations and two washbowl stations being worked by six employees.


Mission Statement and Core Values

Mission Statement

Xtension Envy offers everyone an opportunity to feel beautiful, sexy, and empowered by supplying the highest quality hair at a great value in a clean and welcoming space for all.

Core Values

Team Culture - We work as one

Client Focused - Service above and beyond all day every day

Honesty Wins - In every communication we make

Welcoming Space - Everyone is equal and welcome

Relationship Driven - Knowing your clients is serving your clients

The Xtension Envy Difference

Why should you be excited to become an Xtension Envy Franchisee?

Financial Considerations

  • Corporate Salon Revenue
    • January 2021 - December 2021 = $1.1M+
    • January 2022 - December 2022 = $1.4M+
  • Recurring Revenue Model
    • Created by membership experts, our memberships offer clients exactly what they need in order to maintain their investment. Members save hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars a year. Through regular monthly maintenance visits to the salon, they are able to recognize the full value of their extensions while keeping their natural hair healthy and strong.
  • 3 Different Pricing Tiers
    • We understand that the cost of doing business or the cost of living varies from place to place. We’ve created three different pricing tiers to help ensure our franchise partners are able to charge clients pricing in line with regional considerations.

Premium products, guaranteed

  • Private Label Hair Care Products
    • A line of private label shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products created specifically for the ongoing maintenance of hair extensions.
  • Private Label Hair Extensions
    • All the hair extensions used in Xtension Envy salons are privately labeled by XE Blends, a salon products company owned by our founders. This allows for streamlined ordering and measurable cost savings for our franchisees
  • Hair Quality Guarantee
    • We guarantee our hair and offer full replacement should there be any issues as long as the client has taken care of their new hair as instructed.

Unique Competitive Differentiators

  • First of Its Kind Model
    • Our hair extensions installation and maintenance model is a first of its kind model in the salon industry. No other concept has our unique maintenance memberships available to clients.
  • One Stop Shop
    • Your salon will offer all of the services your clients want without having to force them to visit another business. Xtension Envy stylists will color, cut, style, blow out, and maintain the hair extensions they install.
  • Same Day Service
    • Your salon will keep an extensive inventory of hair extensions at all times to ensure your ability to offer same day service to your clients. Gone are the days of clients having to pick their extensions from a sample only to have to wait for their stylist to order and receive them before coming in for a second visit

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